Reconsidering Traditional Methods of Installing Ceiling-Mounted OR Equipment in an Award Winning Hospital Construction Project

In 2005, Henry Ford Health Systems hired Albert Kahn Associates and Turner Construction to build a new 300-bed hospital in suburban West Bloomfield, Michigan. The three-story, 730,000 square-foot hospital design featured ten operating rooms with identical layouts, all fitted with green-tinted lighting to help surgeons see tiny objects during operations.

The Origins of Lean Design in the Healthcare Industry: Q&A with Healthcare Architect Robb Sharrow

We sat down with Robb Sharrow, AIA, Vice President, Director of Healthcare Planning at award-winning architecture and engineering group, Albert Kahn Associates, Inc., to talk about lean design and how it applies to hospital construction projects. Healthcare Technology Corporation (HTC): How did the hospital industry come to adopt the concept of lean design?

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