About Healthcare Technology Corporation

The leader in structural pre-manufactured mounting solutions for over 15 years!

Healthcare Technology Corporation (HTC) specializes in the design and manufacture of ceiling suspended equipment support structures for the medical field. With over 15 years of experience focused on this market, our team of project managers, engineers, fabricators, and install technicians specializes in supplying this type of equipment.

The introduction of integrated surgical suites prompted the need for a versatile, safe, and effective method to attach suspended surgical boom and light equipment to an overhead building structure. We developed the Accu-Mount Support Systems to accommodate the needs of the ever-changing technology. Our Support Systems allow for a consistent, safe, and reliable method for suspending this state-of-the-art equipment while still allowing for location flexibility, future room renovations, and equipment upgrades.

What We Can Do For You

Experience-based designs that deliver versatility, reliability, and cost savings

Our Series Support Systems offer cost-effective solutions from purchase through installation. With our pre-manufactured systems, you can avoid custom engineering, onsite fabrication, and field welding. In addition, our ready-to-install, adjustable, modular components allow you to reduce project expenses and room downtime.

The Support System comes with bolted components and attachments that allow for easy field adjustments due to varying site conditions and last-minute layout changes. They also can be repositioned for future room renovations or equipment upgrades.

Where You’ll Find Us

Thousands of Accu-Mount Support Systems are used by hospitals, labs, and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs)

We are the leading supplier of structural pre-manufactured boom and lighting mounting solutions. We supply arrangements and system types based on building structure type, interstitial space requirements, loading requirements, and boom and light equipment manufacturers. Based on each customer’s specific needs, we supply systems that can be used with any type of building structure, including steel frame, steel joist, concrete, pan joist, and wood.

Engineered Quality

Accu-Mount Support System components have been extensively engineered and tested to ensure that the complete assemblies meet or exceed recommended deflection, seismic, and safety criteria.

Applications Include

  • Surgical Lights
  • Flat Panel Displays
  • Equipment Booms
  • Anesthesia Booms
  • Procedure and Exam Lights
  • Injectors
  • Lead Shielding
  • Tandem Booms
  • Navigation Equipment
  • Microscopes

Which Systems Are Right for You?

A Better Solution for Today’s Evolving Medical Equipment

We understand that building methods and site conditions vary. We’ve developed a wide array of Accu-Mount Support System arrangements and modular components to accommodate almost any application. Whether for new construction, an O.R. renovation or an equipment upgrade, Accu-Mount Support Systems can save you time and money with pre-engineered, ready-to-install configurations compatible with any building structure type.

Accu-Mount Series 100

Designed for Exam & Procedure Lighting, Microscopes, Cameras, Injectors and Navigation Equipment.

Accu-Mount Series 100

Accu-Mount Series 200

Designed for Single or Multiple Head Surgical Lights and Monitor Equipment.

Accu-Mount Series 200

Accu-Mount Series 300

Designed for Anesthesia Booms, Equipment Management Systems and Tandem Configurations.

Accu-Mount Series 300

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