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L2M Construction has been working with Healthcare Tec for the last 6 years and they have provided timely quotes and also delivered their product in a timely fashion. I plan on using their services for my future projects.

-Leonard P. Gorski, Managing Member at L2M Construction, LLC

I cannot say enough about Healthcare Technology Corporation! From time of order thru delivery they are on top of it all. Great customer service!

-Kyle Burke, Project Manager at ELS Construction, Inc.

Your Accu-Mount Support System has been a game changer. Working with your company from start to finish has been nothing but great! With this onsite install we no longer need iron workers welding in a hospital setting. Any welding would require: off hours work, extra electrical needs for equipment, coordination with several trades and the customer, extra ICRA protection, extra filters for air quality, etc. Using your mounts has eliminated all that extra time, headaches, cost savings, less time to schedule the installs for the overall project. When we had some changes come up and it requires a different part from you it was a simple communication. The part was sent right away and didn't affect our overall schedule.

-Bryan Engel, Superintendent at Benike Construction

Accu-Mount Support Systems make for an easier, less complicated installation process for surgical lighting and booms, which can often reduce the costs for veterinary hospital projects. And, with Accu-Mount, we know that the equipment we specify will be properly supported.

-Heather Lewis, Principal at Animal Arts

Everyone at HTC has been great to work with. The Accu-Mount support is already installed! Absolutely no issues.

-Ben Delzer, Project Manager at CGSchmidt

The Accu-Mount Support System is so clean and sleek! This will certainly solve structural issues and replacement mounts in my territory.

-Darcy Staude, Surgical Technologies Account Manager at STERIS Corporation

Working with Healthcare Technology Corporation has greatly increased project execution efficiency. The estimating turnaround time is short, the shop drawings are detailed and accurate, the fabrication and delivery is on time, every time and the product is superior. The mounts are easy to install and provide excellent and secure support for the various light combinations. The staff at HTC is knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and prompt. For us, it’s a win-win, keep up the good work!

-Karl Orth, VP of Construction at L2M Construction, LLC

Thanks for jumping on this so quickly and putting urgency on the shipment. It is much appreciated in order to keep the flow going on the job site. The superintendent and I are both impressed by the efficiency of the installation. Above ceiling support structures can sometimes get very complex and these systems seem to keep things simple and effective.

-Abel Fuhrmann at Neenan Archistruction

My crews have been interacting with Accu-Mount by Healthcare Technology Corporation. They’re thrilled with the results and effectiveness of the system and just installed in a similar situation. Another good report on how well the Accu-Mount system works from my installers.

-Jeff Kloster at The Rhino Group, Inc.

The project for SCRMC turned out great. We really like your support systems.

-Stanley Coco, Director at South Central Regional Medical Center

This is the second project we’ve partnered with HTC and their team on.  They ensured a timely and accurate delivery of their Accu-Mount Support Systems and the install went well with no issues or complications.

-Aaron Storey, Project Engineer at Frank L. Blum Construction Company

We are done with the surgery project! With that being said, you guys were great to work with and I recommend your product to architects and faculty managers whenever I get the chance!

-Val Ramirez, Project Manager at P.J. Hoerr, Inc.

HTC has been a pleasure to work with on our project in Denver, Colorado. There sales and service team have been very responsive and we appreciate not only their products, but their attention to detail.  We look forward to working with them in the future.

-Casey Mills, Project Manager at Calcon Constructors

We have loved the ease, of specifying HTC’s Accu-Mount Support Systems. Our prior approach involved structural engineering, complicated details, and site inspection of the contractors’ solution. Accu-Mount has allowed us to know our lights and booms are properly supported every time and have eliminated costly changes during construction.

-Jesse B. Keith, Animal Arts

I have no hesitations recommending HTC and their Accu-Mount Support Systems. Their crew had a very positive attitude as they were under some pretty adverse conditions. Great job with the installation and overall experience.

-Mike Herder, Project Manager at JE Dunn Construction

I've worked with Steve Strobridge and HTC for over 10 years. One constant over the years has been the reliability of both service and quality of their Accu-Mount Support Systems. HTCs knowledge of Stryker products (Teletom Booms, Chromophare & Visum LED Surgical Lights) translates into fantastic outcomes for our projects!

-Brian Klipfel, Stryker Sales Representative

Hands down the best structural support system we have ever used! HTC went above and beyond to make sure we got what we needed, when we needed it. Great product, great people!

-Marty Sauls, KLM Medical Equipment

We installed the Accu-Mount units and they went into place great.  Very impressive system, will definitely keep you guys in mind.

-Tyler Platt, Assistant Superintendent, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Steve and your installation crew were outstanding! I am very pleased with the work completed and would not hesitate to use you folks again. HTC supplied and installed (50) Accu-Mount Support Systems for the Highland Hospital Surgical Services & Observation Unit Project in Rochester, New York

-Mike Fitzgerald, Project Manager at Grayco Corp. of Upstate New York

In speaking with the DPR Construction team, they were very happy with the way your product worked out for them. Since the interstitial space was limited and your product has a small footprint, the installation was seamless and they (DPR Construction) are going to have an easier time getting the rest of the infrastructure in place.

-Gunnar Schmid, Senior Project Manager at Stryker

As I’ve said, these are some of the best looking and best engineered structures I have seen to date. I will certainly recommend you guys on future projects where possible. The accuracy of the install was great.

-Butch Welch of Argo Medical

For the Owensboro Health Regional Hospital Project, the Accu-Mount Support System(s) from Healthcare Technology Corporation proved to be cost effective and easy to install while offering long-term flexibility to the Owner.

-Merrill Bowers, LEED AP BD+C & Project Executive, Turner Construction Company

HTC produces a great product that will work with any piece of equipment that requires mounting. Given the opportunity I would work with HTC on every project.

-John Michaelides, Territory Manager at Stryker

HTC has been a great member of our collaborative Project Team. Their supports provide a “lean” design which provided for an efficient installation for our field crews. The supports are designed to allow for minimal ceiling space in highly congested MEP installation areas such as OR’s, ED Exam Rooms, Procedure Rooms, etc.

-Joshua Christensen, Project Manager II, Boldt

This is my second project with HTC and it has been good working with them. Because of the planning/coordination, Turner & HTC were able to come up with a solution to mount the Med Gas manifold serving the Stryker Booms directly to the Accu-Mount Support System. The client, UK Healthcare, was extremely pleased with the end results.

-Chad Denny, Superintendent & LEED Green Associate, Turner Construction Company

HTC has a great product with their Accu-Mount Support Systems. Steve's great to work with. He's knowledgeable, he listens and he invests his time and effort into a project from start to finish.

-Judy O. Pelfrey, Senior Healthcare Facilities Planner at UK Healthcare

I was impressed with the mount support system. I will definitely be recommending this system to other facilities since it is such a seamless install.

-Chad Drake, DPR Construction

Thanks to the Accu-Mount's prefabricated mounting solution for an Emergency Room, our Skytron procedure light install was a breeze. Everything from the initial correspondence with customer service, to delivery and installation, Stephen and the HTC team were very involved and accommodating to our needs. Stephen even changed the bolt pattern to fit several different lights in case we decided to upgrade the lights in the future. HTC and Accu-Mount made our job very easy, and in return we had a satisfied customer who loves the location and functionality of their new Skytron Procedure lights.

-Amy Liberto, Covington Medical Systems

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