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John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital | Phoenix, Arizona
Featured in MCD Sept/Oct 2014 (PDF)

Healthcare Technology Corporation meets challenge for mounting boom, lighting equipment in a tight space.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital – a recognized Magnet hospital – provides a comprehensive range of specialty surgical services. In June, 2014, the hospital underwent two operating room renovations to further enhance their surgical capabilities. Included in the renovation was the need for new ceiling suspended surgical boom, lighting and monitor equipment. Stryker Corporation, a leading medical equipment provider was chosen to supply the boom and lighting equipment. To insure a seamless installation, Stryker looked to Healthcare Technology Corporation to partner with on this project.

Healthcare Technology Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of ceiling suspended medical equipment support structures. They work closely with medical equipment suppliers, architects, engineers and general contractors to insure a properly specified and installed overhead mounting system.

For this renovation, Healthcare Technology Corporation supplied and installed four of their direct bolt Series 200 Mounting Systems for use with Stryker’s Visum surgical light/flat panel monitor arms and four of their direct bolt Series 300 Mounting Systems for use with Stryker’s Flexis anesthesia and tandem equipment boom systems. The Accu-Mount Support Systems were selected based on their modular design, ease of installation and compact arrangements to fit almost any application.

“I was impressed with the mount support system. I will definitely be recommending this system to other facilities since it is such a seamless install.” – Chad Drake, DPR Construction.

As in most operating room renovations, ceiling space and downtime were limited. Ideal for fitting in tight spaces, the Accu-Mount Support Systems were utilized to fulfill the space requirements. Healthcare Technology Corporation’s crew installed the mounts on a Saturday, thus minimizing patient, staff and existing OR disturbances.

“In speaking with the DPR Construction team, they were very happy with the way the product worked out for them. Since the interstitial space was limited and your product has a small footprint, the installation was seamless and they are going to have an easier time getting the rest of the infrastructure in place.” – Gunnar Schmid, Project Manager, South Stryker Communications.

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Whether a project is new construction or renovation, Healthcare Technology Corporation has been a leading supplier of overhead mounting systems in North America for over 10 years. Accu-Mount Support Systems are recognized in the industry for their consistency in quality, ease of installation and long-term reliability. Major benefits Accu-Mount Support Systems provide architects, contractors and medical facilities alike include:

  • Pre-engineered and proven configurations designed for use with most types of building structures including steel frame, steel joist, wood frame, pre-cast, pan / joist and cast-in-place concrete.
  • Small product footprints allow for additional above ceiling space that can be used for infrastructure and MEP installation.

• Modular designs speed installation, reduce downtime and eliminate the need for onsite welding and fabrication.

“John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital was a great opportunity for Healthcare Technology Corporation to demonstrate how effective our Accu-Mount Support Systems can be. We applied the product series and mounting configuration that fit the application and worked with the B&L supplier and GC to insure its successful integration.” Stephen Strobridge, President, Healthcare Technology Corporation.

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