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CaroMont Regional Medical Center | Gastonia, North Carolina
Featured in MCD May/June 2019 (PDF)

HTC and Grady & Associates, Inc. provide new approach to overhead equipment supports for Hybrid OR.

CaroMont Regional Medical Center ranked No. 4 as North Carolina’s 2019 Best Hospitals. The acute care hospital and its affiliates are committed to providing exceptional quality healthcare. Most recently, CRMC expansion plans called for a new hybrid OR containing one Phillips 11-by-12 X-ray system, five overhead Stryker Teletom EMS booms and one Stryker Chromophare single flat-panel arm.

The project called for a combination of structural steel boom supports with a side-by-side rail system and full installation. Equipment pairing for this project presented a perfect opportunity for Healthcare Technology Corporation and Grady & Associates to team up, utilize their best practices and, together, create an amazing OR.

HTC specializes in the design and manufacture of pre-fabricated, overhead surgical boom and light mounting solutions: Accu-Mount Support Systems. Accu-Mount systems attach medical equipment such as surgical lights, monitors, microscopes, EMS and anesthesia booms to an overhead building structure. While System Series (100, 200, 300) are determined based on building structure type, interstitial space, loading and deflection criteria, HTC works closely with OEMS, architects and general contractors to ensure a properly specified and installed system.

G&A utilizes slotted metal framing designed to support healthcare equipment, such as X-rays, injectors and patient lifters. Grady Cook, founder of G&A, started his business because he recognized a need for better quality, construction, service and client support. With more than 35 years of experience in the construction industry, his knowledge and reputation of building medical strut systems is unsurpassed. Stephen Strobridge, president of HTC, reached out to Grady with this opportunity.

“Grady and I, our teams… we have a lot in common. Our companies share similar ideals and interests, which is fundamental to building and maintaining a strong and successful partnership,” said Strobridge.

Over the years, they’ve collaborated on numerous projects and together have defied the industry stigma and competition between structural steel and strut.

“Healthcare projects can call for multiple combinations of strut, miscellaneous metals and structural steel. We offer a package deal, a one-stopshop,” Cook added. “It’s unusual to see two companies working side by side when they’ve always been viewed as adversaries. We’ve created a niche-world.”

With any project, whether it’s a new build, expansion or renovation, challenges are to be expected. “It’s costly for a hospital to shut down an OR. Additional time taken to fix or repair an unforeseen problem takes away from the bottom line,” said Cook.

However, when you have the right models and resources in place, it eliminates any/all unwanted surprises.

“Working together, we cover all the bases; it makes sense,” added Strobridge.

Accu-Mount Support Systems are pre-assembled and shipped to site ready for installation. They eliminate the need for any “fab-inplace” or “onsite welding.” Coupling this time-saving benefit with an experienced, organized and knowledgeable crew results in a successful installation.

“Coordination, cooperation lead to cost effectiveness and ultimately, customer satisfaction,” said Cook. When it comes to building and installing medical equipment supports, together G&A and Healthcare Technology Corporation combine the best of both worlds, giving new meaning and value to “one-stop shop.”

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