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Children’s Mercy Hospital | Kansas City, Missouri
Featured in MCD Sept/Oct 2021 (PDF)

HTC provides surgical boom support on Children’s Mercy Hospital PICU expansion.

Known as the “City of Fountains” in the sunshine state of Missouri, Kansas City is literally the epicenter of America’s heartland. Famous for its authentic style of jazz, BBQ, myriad museums, it is also home to Superbowl Champions, Kansas City Chiefs. Live, visit, work or play, KC has it all, including top-notch healthcare.

Recognized as one of the best medical facilities and pediatric hospitals in the country by U.S. News and World Report in 2021, Children’s Mercy Hospital ranked in nine of 10 specialties. CMH is a renowned teaching hospital, committed to providing specialized healthcare to children of all ages, through education, experience, technology and continued growth. Early 2020, the 120-year old nonprofit healthcare system embarked on a massive, two-phased expansion project for its pediatric intensive care unit. The addition called for 27 new rooms, designed and furnished to provide cutting-edge, specialty care.

Healthcare Technology Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of pre-fabricated overhead surgical boom and light mounting solutions, Accu-Mount Support Systems. Accu-Mount systems attach medical equipment, such as exam and surgical lights, monitors, cameras, EMS and anesthesia booms, to an overhead building structure. For almost 20 years, thousands of its systems have been utilized by hospitals, medical offices and veterinary clinics across the U.S. including Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

Recognized for quality and ease of installation, HTC’s structural steel configurations offer a proven, cost-effective alternative to other mounting methods. System series (100, 200, 300 and 400) are determined based on building structure type, interstitial space, loading and deflection criteria.

“Our engineering team works closely with OEMs, architects and the general contractors to ensure a properly specified and installed system,” says HTC President Stephen Strobridge. “Accu-Mounts ship to site, pre-assembled ready for install, eliminating the need for any field welding, drilling or onsite fabrication.”

The surgical boom equipment utilized for this project, Skytron’s Freedom Series Booms, were furnished by KLM Medical Equipment. KLM & HTC have partnered on numerous projects over the years, this marking their fourth collaboration together at CMH.

Marty Sauls, president of KLM affirms, “HTC has proven to be a trusted partner, providing an economical solution that works perfectly with our booms. They go above and beyond to get their systems to the job-site on time, ensuring the project stays on schedule.”

With any project, whether a new build, expansion or renovation, challenges such as MEP and HVAC interferences are to be expected. In many of the rooms, a 54-inchwide HVAC duct run was installed directly above the boom locations. HTC’s engineering team applied a standard bridging system to straddle the duct, therefore eliminating any HVAC or equipment location modifications.

“Our systems have a small footprint and can be easily field adjusted, which works really well in situations with congested interstitial space,” Strobridge shared. A total of 54 Accu-Mounts were installed to support the Skytron Freedom boom systems.

“Key building blocks for a successful project start with the people, resources and products you work with. I look forward to collaborating with Marty and his team again in the future,” concludes Strobridge.

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