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Edward Hospital | Naperville, Illinois
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HTC mounting systems, collaboration key to customer satisfaction.

Located approximately 30 miles west of Chicago, is Naperville, Illinois. A charming community, adored for its historic district and Riverwalk, and recently named one of the Top 100 Places to Live 2017, it is also home to Edward Hospital. Nationally recognized for excellence in nursing, the hospital’s primary focus is to continually introduce innovative improvements to its healthcare facilities.

Power Construction was contracted by the hospital for a PACU renovation/OR addition project. Healthcare Technology Corporation’s Accu-Mount Support Systems were specified by Matthei & Colin Associates, LLC as the basis of design for the boom and light mounting systems.

HTC’s Accu-Mount Support Systems are preengineered and prefabricated overhead surgical boom and light mounting solutions. HTC offers different system series (100, 200 & 300) based on building structure, interstitial space and loading requirements that safely and easily attach state-of-the-art medical equipment, such as surgical lights, monitors, cameras, equipment management systems and anesthesia booms to an overhead building structure.

Ryan Mack, project manager at Power Construction, reached out to HTC early October 2016. From there, things began to take shape. “Ryan sent us the design docs and project specifications and we dove right in,” said Stephen Strobridge, president of HTC.

“I’ve utilized Accu-Mount Support Systems for medical equipment supports for healthcare projects in the Chicago area and found these supports occupy much less ceiling space, as opposed to the typical red iron steel supports provided by miscellaneous metal suppliers,” added Mack.

HTC supplied a total of eight mounts for the two ORs. Because the building structure consisted of a combination of existing concrete pan joist and new steel frame, a variety of mounting attachment arrangements were required.

The Accu-Mount Support Systems series 200 and series 300 mounting solutions were provided in the required configurations. HTC supplies all of the necessary support members and attachment clips required to mount the systems to the existing structure, eliminating the need for Power Construction to supply any additional mounting support steel.

“Accu-Mount did a great job. They provided a designed and engineered system that accommodated the specific site conditions,” said Mack. “I would definitely use the Accu-Mount Support Systems for future new construction or renovation projects.”

Depending upon the nature of the order, and once approval drawings are received, typical turnaround time for manufacturing the Accu-Mounts are approximately 3-5 weeks. “Our systems are fabricated in a controlled environment to strict quality control standards and procedures,” explained Strobridge. “Our systems are then shipped assembled with all the required components, hardware and installation instructions if required.”

Installation of the Accu-Mount Support Systems was performed by Power Construction. Superintendent Paul Householder reported, “Everything went great with the installation of the boom supports. With the engineering of the Accu-Mounts and no need for diagonal sway bracing, it makes coordinating the rest of the MEPs in the ceiling much easier. We were able to get the eight boom supports installed in one day.”

“Every project is a little different,” added Strobridge. “At HTC it’s about relationships. Working and collaborating together as a team and making sure our customers are happy. The people at Power Construction do exactly that, and I look forward to future opportunities with them.”

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