Fitting & Meeting Deflection Standards the First Time – Guaranteed

The introduction of integrated surgical suites in the early 1990s moved devices such as insufflators, light sources, monitors and electrosurgical generators off of heavy instrument carts and onto ceiling supported booms and columns. The demanding payload requirements and deflection restrictions of these booms prompted Healthcare Technology Corporation to develop our versatile line of ICU, OR and ED boom and light mounting solutions, called Accu-Mount Support Systems.
The proper design and location of surgical boom and light mounting systems are tantamount.  Boom and light manufacturers maintain strict mounting system deflection specifications to eliminate equipment drift and minimize brake wear.  In addition, strict elevation windows for mounting plates are required to allow for proper equipment and ceiling cover fit.  Elevation windows must also meet seismic loading parameters on the mounting studs used to attach the equipment to the mount.  Lateral positioning is important to ensure the equipment and ceiling cover fit within the designed ceiling grid.

In order to meet most boom manufacturers’ requirements a mount should not deflect by more than 0.2 degrees.  Some equipment boom products without brakes have even stricter criteria.

Ceiling suspended boom and light equipment is typically installed in the last phase of a construction project.  Most boom manufacturers do not know exactly how much a mount will deflect until the mount is either load tested or the boom equipment is hanging from it.  If the deflection of the mounting structure is too great, more steel is added to stiffen the mount until, in many cases, the ceiling becomes a jumble of angle iron and structural channel. Going above a finished ceiling with steel and a stick welder to strengthen a mount is difficult, time consuming and expensive.

Healthcare Technology Corporation helps architects, contractors and boom and light manufacturers be certain that the required mounting systems will meet strict standards for deflection, location and safety.

Rather than custom designing, engineering and field fabricating each mounting system, our patented Accu-Mount Support Systems use pre-engineered and tested components assemblies, and sub-assemblies.  We have created mounting solutions that accommodate the products of most boom and light manufacturers; and, our solutions can be supplied to work with a variety of building structures including, steel, bar-joist, concrete, pre-form and wood.

Stephen Strobridge, president of Healthcare Technology Corporation, developed the patented Accu-Mount Support System.  “Healthcare Technology Corporation affords end users, architects, contractors and boom and light manufacturers the opportunity to experience the security, ease of use, and cost savings that can be realized by the use of the Accu-Mount solutions,” says Strobridge.  “Through vigorous testing and design implementations, Healthcare Technology Corporation can supply mounting solutions for most applications that meet required seismic, deflection and install requirements.”

Our trained fabricators and American Welding Society (AMS) certified welders, including two on-staff certified AWS welding inspectors, ensure that all of the Accu-Mount Support Systems meet strict safety and quality standards.   The specially designed clip and attachment assemblies allow for the mounting systems to be easily positioned and repositioned, if necessary.  The mount designs and clip arrangements also eliminate the need for field welding and fabrication, which greatly reduces install time and cost while increasing site safety.

Today, each Accu-Mount Support System design configuration is engineered and floor tested to ensure it meets the specified deflection required by the boom and light equipment that hangs from it – guaranteeing a properly specified and working system the first time.   Accu-Mount Support Systems are the optimum choice for a flexible, safe and cost effective solution for mounting all types of ceiling suspended boom and lighting equipment.

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